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Highly Experienced Cultivation Team Leader

With many years of experience in craft cannabis from abroad, our cultivation leaders and team’s main objectives are to deliver high quality, top-shelf cultivars at the professional level and commercial scale in Thailand. Comprising both young, aspiring talents and experienced growers, we strive with our partners and researchers to continuously improve on our genetics, techniques and cultivation know-how to become one of the leading cannabis cultivation companies in the region.


State-of-the-Art Facility

With best-in-class smart farming technologies optimized for medical-grade cannabis cultivation, our facility is designed for high consistency and maximum yields to meet the growing demand for high quality cultivars for medical use in Thailand.


Expertise in Thai Regulation

As cannabis was decriminalized and legalized for medical use in Thailand, commercial cultivation of cannabis is regulated to meet medical standards. Our facility has been FDA approved for cultivation and distribution of cannabis floral biomass with the track record of being the first licensed indoor cannabis facility in Bangkok for 2022.


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